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must I agree with that my cash is secure with Financial Mix

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Financial Mix gives its customers a international magnificence buying and selling surroundings. With the first rate spreads and the leverage, to the brokerage version, Financial Mix is without a doubt on the pinnacle. Financial Mix runs a non-dealing table. because of this investors’ requests are routed directly to liquidity vendors. by using doing this, Financial Mix avoids conflicts of hobby with investors’ orders and protects itself from any breach of contract with their customers Financial Mix’s leverage can be as excessive as 1:500 compared to its ecu opposite numbers which offer a leverage of up to 1:30.leverage is a remarkable way to boom profitability. Financial Mix gives its buyers an opportunity to multiply their debts 500 times.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCiQzy ... RjcRIIj9eQ

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